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Friday 12 March 2010

Sterba Curtain for 10m and 15m (BERU contest)

From GQRP list....
On 11 March 2010 18:46, Richard Constantine wrote:
> Hows About a picture of it Dom? Should really up your erp.
> Richard G3UGF

So here is the blog post.

Hi Richard,

When it is up I will post to blog photos and the build bits too.

The design was lifted right out of the ARRL Wire Antenna Classics and is by K1TN from QST, October 1991, Chapter 6 (6-9)

The first thing to do was to make up the top section and make sure I could suspend it in the clear, I used string as the horizontal sections and will suspend the antenna from it. Using light weight multistrand PVC coated wire so the lengths might be out slightly compared to 14SWG and originally was going to use some dog bones for connectors but cable ties are much lighter in weight. Also will cable tie the horizontal sections loosely to the support string.

One modification though, I'll be feeding dead centre at the bottom of the centre section and probably using 300ohm (run out of 450 ohm!) . I was trying to find some 40 foot supports yesterday, doubled up 20foot long thick walled TV masts with coupler and end guys seem to be the best option, as the antenna sags a little. I will be 'supporting it' with some telescoping fishing poles to push the middle up a bit so will not be all square so the radiation pattern might be interesting.

As some might know my QTH there are two lovely 70 foot poplars in neighbours garden to East with 100 foot separation between them but alas cannot use them as supports!

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