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Wednesday 7 October 2009

KD1JV 40m ADC rig

I just finished making up a new PCB, few days later than expected for the KD1JV 40m rig design he posted a while back.

I had made this originally but as Steve commented there were stablity problems so waited for him to produce a new layout. Summer ensued and tasks got pushed back, now on this again...

It is a nice little project for anyone wanting something a bit different. The IF is 4MHz which means dead cheap crystals and for a good CW filter that means you need close tollerance in frequency variation, which I did not find a problem. The Bs170 FET Jabdog has or had, the IF cans I bought from US (Digikey) as I used them on a few things. If you are in UK and short and cannot find any let me know and I'll see what I have left. Originally I thought about mounting the PA 2xBS170 under the board and using a TO220 heatsink, bit like the Softrock V6 SDR TCVR but just put the TO92 (plastic) transistors on the board. Pictures to follow.

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