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Thursday, 29 October 2009

HB-1A kit build

All ready for the start. 0.1uF and 0.01uF SMT first.

Small 0805 SMT components

Various stages through the population of the boards:

I melted solder on the build last night…. almost completed it. The
soldering is fine but not perfect, I worked with naked eye, 22SWG
multi core solder, temp controlled iron and 1mm bit and hand soldered,
so it is possible. I even managed the DDS chip without having to flood
and wick excess away… it is on a degree or two little wonky but fine
otherwise. I used a pinch to release type of tweezers you can see on
one of the photos to pick up components. The R and C are all 0805
which is big enough to be hand soldered but small enough to probably
cause some a few issues. Once the SMT R and C were in place and tested
the DC lines I tranfered to using a PCB vice (

Early in the process I added the main switch S1 and the DC supply
socket, fed with 13.8V and sensed the 6V and 5V pads around the board
feeding the IC's. My 5V is 4.996V and 6V is 6.035V. The voltage values
I get on different pins are within 5% of Bruces so I'll not reproduce
them here.

Anyway I have added photos to the hb-1a yahoo group M1KTA album for
those interested but I attached them here too.

The timestamps on the photos are accurate so you get an idea how long
it should/could take. I expect to complete this later today.

I will say that I was missing a few SMT components (R 2K2 and 47K
which I robbed from the junk box) but I was sent heaps of extra other
values and a pair of 602 and a 386… so I know what I'm building next…
another IF chain.

Maybe a 2x hb-1a homebrew build qso might be possible if anyone
interested, I am in UK and cw is qrs!

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