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Wednesday 21 October 2009

GQRP Rally Homebrew Contest/Display

Back in SPRAT #139 there was an announcement that there would be a homebrew display/contest and Graham/George were looking for volunteers to help. Well I volunteered....

I posted to the list too but just in case put it on the blog too.

Please if anyone thinking of bringing something along, and there are no categories at all this year it is completely open so you could almost bring anything, please contact me off list (UNTIL 10am FRIDAYwhen travelling up to Rishworth) or on the day at Rishworth. If you can though please bring a A4 sheet showing the circuit or description and your callsign and what you call it. I am sure those looking at the builds might want to ask the builder the odd question too.
I will I have my nth build of a 6V6 valve rig I finally got working thanks to many donors of bits and used on 80m in GQRP valve day this July.
George's comment to me this morning was "We think it will be in theBuildathon area .......still got to work out space and oversight. I suspect we will put things in the room early then allow the public inonly when the Buildathon begins [12.30]". This means the display area should not be left unattended.
Following the list kit thread I thought I'll bring somebuilds/projects to display. PFR-3, ATS-3B, an ATS-3 Unbuilt, QBSA,NorCal-20, BITX20A, KD1JV MARS (#140 SPRAT rig), KD1JV ADC-40 andKD1JV PSK and K1SWL PSK-20, my own pcb versions of VK3XU (DrewDiamond) TCF 40 Manhatten/Paddy Board RX and TX boards, Norcal FCC-1/FCC-2 frequency counter/DDS, qrpkits BLT, qrpkits long wire tuner, K1SWL SW20+ and anything else suitable that will fit in the box. I may have the HB-1A SMT kit BD4RG just sent me from China...
Anyone able to bring along a K2, K1, KX1, Howes, Tentec or Walford kit, with the cover off?

I'll put up photos and links for the projects that turn up.

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