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Thursday, 23 August 2018


As coming into the winter months again and LF is dominating for a while going to improve the LF options a bit.

I had  used an IRF510 based PA based on with one of G3YXM/G0MRF's  transmitters. I had played with transverters using  10MHz/30m and not the more usual 10m/30MHz. Antenna was an inverted L.

The bench certainly had a Graham VK3XDK 472KHz transverter for KX3  completed but not in an enclosure so I will have to pull it all together again and finish it off.

I note previously I had used 22mm or 25mm, cannot remember which, white PVC conduits as the LPF coil foms. I see there are some nice 3D printed LPF coil forms for 472KHz available so will try to source the STL files and take a look.


DK3LJ said...

Hi Dominic, the thing being rotate-able is a great feature. If you are also interested in static ones, DX Wire has a couple of nice fiberglass pole holders.
73 de Jan DK3LJ

DK3LJ said...

Oops.. that accidentally went into the wrong post. It was meant to go into the Buddipole one.. Sry ;-)