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Saturday 14 April 2018

Time to rework the bench

The 3D CNC is working and the 3D printer is too, albeit behind a pile of bits. I have all the stuff for a 3D scanner as well (got to build a bit of that).

I'll add sound proof boxing too but the shelf where the 3D printer is will have the box and the 3D CNC and printer in it. Along with an internal shelf for bits etc.

You cannot see behind some sheets of polystyrene but got lots of filtered mains sockets.

The cupboard under has the previous CNC thing in it... got some nice 5 wire steppers I note.

The dremel drill press will stay where it is. I have two rods with wire, tape and solder on. Tape measures at one end.

The tray with chemicals, iron, modified A4 laminator etc and bits for etching PCB should be a thing of the past so I'll put it into the cupboard below.

Looks like got one too many monitors for the printer, I have a wall bracket for it.

The workbench with oscilloscope is back in action again. behind the CNC there is left to right a PSU, SMT microscope, hot air rework station, temp controlled iron and the oscilloscope probes. I use a copper sheet and an anti static wrist lead over the green workbench mat. The bicycle isn't normally there.

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