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Sunday, 22 April 2018

EU-109 Inner Farne

Well that was fun... not!

Went on the trip about the islands much had done before and landed on inner farne to be met with pretty much hostility to the idea of amateur radio from the island. I even suggested operating from the beach area well away from the birds, seals etc (and where they use their own boats) and that wasn't welcomed at all.

The day looked a bit gloomy but looked forwards to it.

 As got closer to the islands thousands of seabirds.

 The transfer details.

 Ticket over.

The skies were full of birds, not a good omen.

So I have arranged to possibly visit Longstone on Friday, no bird issues. But will be dependant on the WX.

So I managed to get on the island so should have been an activation, but ended up being a non-activation.

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