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Monday, 2 April 2018

Clublog/IOTA matching

grrr having to go through this log matching stuff again!

Been a while getting logs together and started to sort the Scandanavian ones out... here is the table of calls and times I have for 2013, all other qso June/July were mainland SM or OZ.
If no time all qso that day were from there.
CallIotaIOTA RefDate FromDate To

sm/m1ktaUTLANGANEU-13818/06/13 12:1518/06/13 15:37
sm7/m1kta/pTjurkoEU-13830/06/13 10:5030/06/13 12:39
sm7/m1kta/pSturkoEU-13830/06/13 16:5230/06/13 17:45
sm7/m1kta/pUtlanganEU-13802/07/13 12:5002/07/13 16:47
sm7/m1kta/pLangorenEU-13803/07/13 11:1503/07/13 13:19
oz/m1kta/pMonEU-02905/07/13 14:0006/07/13 11:00
oz/m1kta/pLollandEU-02906/07/13 15:5206/07/13 17:15
oz/m1kta/plangelandEU-17207/07/13 20:0008/07/13 21:00
oz/m1kta/pSioEU-17209/07/13 09:0009/07/13 12:00
I'll start to work on the others and let you have those for clublog matching etc as soon as able.

IOTA responded...

Thank you very much for taking the time to put together this list of operations. However, in order for us to use this information for QSO matching, you need to:

(1)    Upload one log for all QSOs made using the same callsign, regardless of what islands/IOTA groups you operated from. As such, you need to upload at Club Log the following logs: SM/M1KTA, SM7/M1KTA/P, and OZ/M1KTA/P.

(2)  The SM7/M1KTA/P log includes a lot more QSOs then those associated with the operations listed by you. Finally, OZ/M1KTA includes only 14 QSOs, from only one of your operations. Can you please update your respective logs as indicated at point (1) above?

Until IOTA actually provide a workable system so that you can upload logs with IOTA details in ADIF tags it is pretty pointless.

I know I will have some activity from 2008, 2012, 2014 and 2015 you might need to know about.

There will be  C5/6W/C6/ZL/3B8/Lots of other EU.

If you believe you have a qso that IS an IOTA one then apply through cub log.

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