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Friday, 4 April 2014

Now I know where the GP antenna went!

A comment I was sent recently after coming back from Cornwall was "We knew the weather was a bit poor but after a while operating I thought the bands had gone very quiet and then I looked out the window...."

I grew up as a kid in Porthleven and was sent a photo of the storms from a few weeks back.... I often used to sit and operate from one of the houses on the cliff top (called Blue Buoy) in the background using a locals antenna that is no more. He just told me the antenna and support has gone... I know why now.

This is the usual view south

The institute and harbour are usually less stormy, this taken from the road above the Ship Inn on way to Rinsey.

Another fine place to operate with great sea views is the cliff near Rinsey (about 3 miles west) by the wheal prosper engine house.

This was mum, dad and Christine this year from the car park the wheal house in the background.

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