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Thursday 10 April 2014

Confused by X2 / Y2 gobbledegook

I think this sort of summarises it ...
All safety capacitors should have certifier’s symbols on their casing. For example UL (for USA), CSA (for Canada), VDE (for Germany), etc. To ensure you are using properly certified safety capacitors check that certification symbols (see below) are on the cases.
The different types are easily seen in this diagram.

C1 is X type, C2 and C3 are Y type.

I believe:
"Across-the-line” capacitors (X type) should be replaced with type X2, X1/Y2 or Y2 safety capacitors.

“Line-to-ground” line filter capacitors (Y Type) should be replaced with Y2 or X1/Y2 safety capacitors. (do not use X2 type).

As got to replace two 0.068uF X2 in oscilloscope looked to see what did I have before having to buy new ones.... and found some....  but are they the right sort?

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