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Tuesday 8 April 2014


Just been sent one of these... bit old really but looks like will work fine.

Going to put it between a KX3 and Softrock SDR instead of the 4 State QRP group MagicBox. 

RF & AF RX/TX Automatic Exchanger ELAD SWITCH BOX is an automatic T/R switch normally connect the antenna to RX input. When it senses RF power on RTX (max. 100W), the antenna is connected to RTX input and the antenna input of your receiver is connected to ground to protect tour receiver. Instead of using RF sense to switch antenna, a control line input lets your key/keyer or PTT line switch the antenna. Works on all mode: CW, AM, SSB, FM and digital modes. Individually tested up to VHF. A complete switch control is available for the audio receiver and transceiver, for MUTE the receiver and monitoring your CW Sidetone or SSB coming from the transceiver MONITOR function. SWITCH BOX is compatible with any receiver and any HF transceiver or HF transmitter.
TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Impedance: 50Ω Frequency range: DC - 160MHz Maximum TX power: 100W RF sense threshold: < 10mW (1.8MHz – 30MHz tested) ON time < 20ms Release time: < 190ms Insertion loss: < 0.3dB @ 144MHz (0.2dB typical) RX isolation: > 38dB @ 144MHz (40dB typical) Gas discharge protection Power supply: 13.8V DC 200mA

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