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Thursday 31 October 2013

Shack extras

I'll have a raspberrypi running  a weather station at the qth and possibly a lightening radar detector.

There should be a HAB SDR running as well to a 70cm antenna so will be able to track operations.

The long in the building multiband SDR and integral PC will be up and running as well with a dedicated RX antenna.

I'll post links as they go online.

The rest of the shack will be populated as time allows but I expect I will have My HRO and R1155 installed rapidly along with a type 45 or type 27 TX and a crystal based 6V6 TX. (ready for G3VTT GQRP valve day in November). The more modern side will consist of an Elecraft K2 and KX3 and assorted bits and bobs  like and SDR cube and a data modem.

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