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Monday, 21 October 2013

No work just photos

No work this morning, but took a couple photos whilst kettle boiled.
The shed roof is on, windows in and door (with lock installed). Still got to tidy the edges but far too wet at the moment.

The window condensation appears to be on the outside as inside the shed is dry.

 The part upright black conduit on right of door will have a PIR light fitted once the felt and guttering are done.

 The black box is an external IP56 dual socket, switched on from inside.
The house end (50m away) of the data cable feeds. I used Blue PVC water pipe as it was cheap and thick walled. Two new black CAT 6 cable pulled down to Hut 304, so with the original grey one that means 3 network cables pulled. The other is an intercom (or telephone extension).
 The route the cables will follow in 25mm conduit.

 The two on the right are the internet and telephone, they may also be fed into conduit that will hold all the other cables. As got to work just temporary fix right now. Will be much neater, horizontal until vertically below the entrance hole. I just wired up two without the conduit for now (it is very wet) one grey CAT5 to the workshop (temp office) other to Hut 304.

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