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Monday 14 January 2013


Have been asked for a few words about KH6, where, when and what frequencies I was QRV from KH6/M1KTA.

I hired a car from the Honolulu airport and drop through Honolulu pased Diamond Head and Hanama Bay (I had been to both on a previous trip), follow the coast for a while longer and just as you start to head up the NE side of Ohau you will come upon a layby with a number of 'surf dudes' complete with VW camper vans etc and a layby off the main road.

I pulled in and at the far end of the car park stopped next to and between a row of tal palm trees.

At 08:38 local/18:36 UTC QRV from Sandy Beach, NE Ohau

After listening to the bands I started a CQ at 18:46 UTC (08:46 local)

Frequencies & Modes operated:

21.015 CW
18.075 CW
18.130 SSB
24.895 CW
14.015 CW
10.105 CW
7.005 CW
28.055 CW

40m and 80m had no disernable signals.

All 5W from my KX3 #1082 into a W3EDP (84ft & 17ft counterpoise) hung vertically  up one and then horizontally between two tall (30ft+) palm trees at the edge of the car park on the shoreline right by Sandy beach. A good operating location for any that look for one in the future.

Sat in the shade by the car I was operating with power coming from the battery of the rental car using a set of jump leads, as the KX3 had no other power. The car was left running whilst I operated.

QRT just after 12:00 local time, completely forgot to take a photo of the setup but did take a photo of Sandy bay (because the QSL card) and returned to airport for flight to Houston where I met up with AE5X.

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