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Tuesday 29 January 2013

AD9850 DDS

I picked up on G4JNT's Feb 2013 RadCom article on the ebay AD9850 modules.

Alan's original project gives some extra information.

I obtained a couple of sample AD chips at the time and also played with the AMQRP DDS-30 and DDS-60 modules and then the PIC-ELIII development board. Most of the modules I sold at GQRP Rishworth raly.

Anyway from ebay I bought half a dozen, just turned up.... not bad for £3 a piece. This is an image of the ebay listing.

These are one of the boards.

The boards do look the same.

There are two 10 pin SIL pins either side so the boards can just plug into a breadboard. They come from china in a jiffy bag so watch out for the pins as some were bent.

An alternative method to drive is an Arduino version

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