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Friday 25 January 2013

472KHz KX3 Transverter - update

Few emails about this so a couple more comments:

1. It seems Elecraft have not got the XV transverter functionality working as it might be expected in the KX3. In K3 one option is to use the internal 10MHz as a LO which would be rather nice but that is not  available ffrom KX3 at this time.

2. LO will be using a crystal oven. The 472KHz band is 7KHz wide so drift is not an option.

3. No I do not intend including a power output as per XV but I expect that could be added.

4. I 'might' allow input power up to the full output from the KX3 so 12W but it would be safe to stick to lower input. Some sort of intelligent attenuation will add a lot of complexity.

The likely LO will be 28MHz put that down to availability of LO and other components.

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