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Monday 14 December 2009

SDR Remote Server

I have a test remote SDR server running now with a Softrock 80m V6 Lite RX that is xtal controlled. The RX signals are all at the bottom end of 80m and the Softrock will 'see' just under 96KHz band width. I believe the signal in the centre is some PACTOR that has been present for hours today but it doesn't seem to decode.

The 'server' is a 900MHz Celeron 4G 701 Asus eeePC, so seriously basic and I have both it and the radio running off a couple 12V batteries with a solar panel connected so it's anyone guess how long they'll last. I couldn't come close to running an SDR setup with any of the other SDR offerings with this setup.

The antenna is a 6BTV vertical tuned for the 80m cw segment about 3.560MHz so the interG isn't great but the DX can be.

Anyway connect to it using Simon's new SDR software.

NB I have two sound cards on this beast(!) one is an external USB card, not used right now that is for SR V9.0. I am using the internal Realtek 24bit sound card at 96KHz. So if get no sound and are too eager to try it the reason is probably you need to change to other sound card. Stop the SDR, blue button on right, change the sound card and press start again. Please don't restart the server (button next to disconnect) unless you absolutely need to.

Note the total lack of the 'hump' in the centre of the pictures...(click to enlarge) This is because there are no ground loops in my Softrock setups.

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