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Monday 28 December 2009

GQRP Winter sports

Having fun sending what is probably really bad cw from shack (brr it's cold in here).

tx is a FCC-1/FCC-2 dds vfo fed to a hastily built, on the dinning room table, J310/2N3904/2N4401 buffer and a IRF510 PA and LPF. I key the drive to the buffer stage, with the PA voltage being constantly applied, (Look at the TX circuit in the HB-1A, I copied it). I think I get about 4.8W out but not sure my VSWR has gone open circuit and it's too damned cold to fix it. The MFJ-993 tuner says 4.8W but it's never accurate at low power.

There is a norcal power meter I built last summer in a box in the shack somewhere but not found it.

rx is softrock V9.0 using a separate antenna (long wire, non resonant) with Simon Brown HB9DRV new SDR-Radio software.

I was going to use the SR V6.2 I have as a tcvr but using that right now for a MOBO build.

Keying is using a K1EL keyer chip.

Lots of fun....

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