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Wednesday 9 December 2009

/P from the beach near Kings Lynn trying to hear AA1TJ

I was up on the beach 10th November trying to hear AA1TJ and his code talker.

The DX was amazing working VK and ZL's as well as US all QRP.

Using my homebrew Norcal-20 and FT817 with Z11 ATU.

I bought a car recently and it makes a great mobile shack for all weathers, I was on the beach for maybe 6 hours. It was also the day before rememberance day so I also worked a number of Gb and Northern EU special event stations.

The buddi pole was up near the car and I also had a 3el 2m antenna on the first one of 4 (yes 4!) 20m verticals I put up in a square to try and hear AA1TJ. The car was about 15 feet from it at this point so not ideal.

This what the beach tooks like when the tide is out. The location is Snettisham South Beach.

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