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Sunday, 13 December 2009


Annotated image showing a bit of a quick lash up to test the server software. I am just testing Simon's SDR-Radio Console software he has released a tech preview see here for information

The software works with RFSpace IQ radios local or remote only right now. Some that have downloaded the software and there are few, have even put their servers up on the internet so you can connect to them.

The ability to use a Softrock V9.0 (from Tony Parks KB9YIG) will follow soon.

Just as a note for other Softrock owners, Simon's Softrock I built him earlier this year is using V15.10 of PE0FKO firmware.

I am sure fixed frequency Softrocks will follow officially .....

For now, I have added a server to the list. It is a soundcard only softrock, fixed frequency, running on an ASUS 4G 701 so that is a Celeron 900MHz pc. It is covering the bottom section 80m. If you start the console the frequency will be nonsense and it will say 160m... it isn't trust me! Press the 80m button, also press the console tab (top) and select a smaller scope bandwidth <100khz.>
This is a short video of me testing the server software with a very hastily built Softrock fixed frequency V6 80m RX. When I added the server to the list intending to connect to it myself or ask Simon to 3 others connected and played, this was taken whilst one of them connected... you can enable the audio locally whilst the remote user uses the radio. I set the band width FFT quite high so was using c50kB/s.

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