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Monday, 29 September 2008

What to do with a 1 pole 12 way switch

I was sorting out a small box in the study and found a couple of new 1 pole 12 way switches and thought what could I use these for....

Simple ATU for qrp field radio. I found this (thanks JN1GLB) and thought it would be ideal.

I do not have 100R 2W resistors but I do have a supply of 47R 5W or 10W resistors so will use them instead. Also I have some nice Ge diodes so will use one of them. Lots of red LED available. Not yet had beakfast so thought would wind the toroid using some coloured craft wire XYL bought me the other day and connect it up to the switch. It is easy to wind and make the taps so that the toroid when set in the middle of the 12 way rotary switch means the switch connectors are by each tap point. Salvaged a big poly varicon meter said >400pF so will use that, and have a set of 4mm binding posts, with banana plug sockets so will use those for the antenna connection.

Put it all on the bench and works I know I have a deep ABS box somewhere .... can wait until later!

Got to find a project for the other one now.

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