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Friday 26 September 2008

Hogcon 21st September 2008

Few days after the fact but on 21st September I gave a talk about my DX activities to 3B8 back in march.

The venue was hogcon which was notified to many here.

The hogcon website is here but the web blog of the group is also worth a read here

Anyway I am heghog #8 and I talked to a small group of qrp enthusists and it was great fun.

My transport to it (as 34 miles from home) was by bicycle and traina nd I cyccled from Cambridge to Royston on the A505 and then caught the train from Royston to Stevenage.

I as a few others did took latest homebrew projects to an informal show and tell.

Lunch was a coke and a burger from and BBQ. After the talk operated GB2QRP running SSB with me at the mike and worked a couple of stations.

Great event.

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