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Sunday 28 September 2008

2n2-40+ Build

Well finally started by 2n2-40+ build today after finding all the needed components.

Really cleaned a 5" x 7" PCB and stuck the pads on and then tinned.

Looks good so far...

So how did I make the pads... easy a Harbour Frieght punch... bought at Dayton 2008

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M1KTA said...

If you use a HArbour Freight punch to make the pads... file down the centre of f the pad otherwsie you will get a 'dimple' on the pad and the centre may be raised on the reverse side. They are not designed to make manhatten pads but the holes in the metal or whatever.

For glue... bog standard super glue.

The pads I have are a mix of either single or double sided PCB.