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Saturday, 18 July 2020

New Balun for hexbeam

I had started to make up new baluns a while back for use with VDA's and a DX trip but never finished the job. G4AWP gave me a few lengths of RG142 which is really flexible.
which perfectly suited some FT240-61 cores I had. (should be FT240-43 but don't have any, I have couple FT114-43 but they are much smaller)

I will be using using reisent winding

The baluns in practice look like this. (photo to add here).

I will fit these just below the Hex beam.

W1JR is the original designer.

Will be fed with a split coax tail, so one end of the balun will be a short length of Aircell-5 that will attach to the balun and the hex beam.

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