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Friday, 17 July 2020

Antenna mounts for RSGB IOTA

Just putting in some mounts to put up the RSGB IOTA antennas

That is the old pole and mast next to it, was on a wooden post.
The green/yellow wire goes to an extensive ground system.

6 foot scaffolding pole driven in about 3 feet. Pulled back the ground cover fabric, will replace after.

Rotator will go on a shorter pole driven right in and here it is being levelled up.

Rotator (RC5) in place.

Testing a 2" tube for fit.

Adding pole and checking for true.

Top, clears the tree :-)

Just checking how many ball bearings and fit on the 2" guy rings will use on this pole.

A DXhexbeam is the intended antenna.

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