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Sunday 1 May 2016

Trimming down workshop/shack

Hi all,

Trimming down the workshop/shack as have too many rigs.

Built K2 with modules fitted and working.

KAF-2 filter & RTC
KNB-2 NB filter
K160RX 160m (2nd antenna)
KIO2 (actually got two available)

Genuine new Elecraft MH2 mike that matches and is for the K2 (two of them so will sell one of them separately the other goes with the above), will also work with Elecraft K3.

Fitted and working Rework Eliminator K2 internal Mic Adapter (so can use YaesuIcomKenwood mikes) link to details... in­ter­nal mic adapt­or

The original kit and modules (still got the postal charge HMRC/VAT & receipts from Elecraft Sales) just looked and same set would be $1749.11 and then you’d have to build and align it all.

I also have a NEW 100W heatsink, PIC chip for it (so you could use K2 to drive almost any PA) and an empty EC2 aka K2 enclosure..

Anyone interested contact me (details on qrz)  before put the lot on eBay?


1 comment:

M1KTA said...

The PIC chip is the one from the 100W board (new from Elecraft).

Look at the K2 100W pa and look at the signals etc

I intended to build it into a PA/lpf etc...