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Sunday, 22 May 2016

qrp DX tent

Was asked to provide details of the tent I have used for QRP DX petitions etc...

The poles were from bulldog and were mail-order. I do not recall the details.

The pole behind is my buddipole on a 16 afoot pole and tripod.

The tent was supported using cord threaded about the pole and through the straps in the tent.

Inside the tent out of any elements (it is a single skin tent and totally waterproof) it is a comfortable operating location.This was early on when I used an FT817, Z11 and an old DELL laptop.

I added a velcro slot for the antenna feeders.

Well here are some images of notes (from 1993, I made another 10 years before and I used as a tent on mountaineering trips). This had experienced -25'C and 50mph winds.

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