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Thursday, 5 May 2016

PIC-A-STAR parts

Almost a whole STAR line up except the IF bits...
After a clean up in workshop and moving the made up STAR panels to one side find I have a few extra PCB from Glenn original panels I am not likely to use.

DDS board and the 28pin DIL one it fits on
DSP Board Ver A for the LARGER footprint DSP chip.
DSP Motherboard for above
CODEC board ditto
2 opto encoder PCB Ver A & B
Rotary encoder from B panel I think
BPF (including the side and end panels
Front panel Ver B
2 pic n mix (?) Ver A & Ver B
Panel B opto isolate PCB
Panel B  section with little squares (I used one as was useful for a breakout board. 

Anyone interested I had bought them myself so sell on at cost? Would consider splitting and could post almost anywhere at your cost.

Please if the PCB is not in that list don’t ask as I will not have it.

Due to min order numbers etc I *DO* have some have some extra components too (LED, discretes, IC (e.g. ADSP2181 -133, FST 3125M, FST3126M, AD1885 CODEC), ALL of the TOKO for the BPF (three will need a mod so can be used)) I will come back to the blog with exactly what I have ‘spare'  as I know the needs vary depending which boards you use. 
I mean it.... please don’t ask yet about components as I need time to go through them fully. I will post what I have.
I'm pretty sure the CODEC PCB and IC's when I get that far have already been spoken for. 

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