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Saturday 30 April 2016

7"LCD for the Raspberry PI for KX3 Panadapter and SDR display

Finally managed to get the 7" TFT and touch screen to work with the V2 RaspberryPi B model and it seems to run as a pan adapter for one of my KX3 fine, I also tried using it with an RTL SDR  USB dongle and it runs FB.

I had this running using a tiny 2.8" TFT which was fine but not terribly usable.

I might see if I can get the SDRPlay working using it as well. Photos and video later.

Using a HDMI connector from the TFT to the Raspberry Pi not the Pi's own DSI (ribbon cable). I have done this as I expect this might see use when DX trips urge me to use another display.

Technically I stood on so many shoulders to get this working I will not list them all but this used a 7" TFT 800x600 AT070TN92 based display (was cheap off eBay) and then used a recovered display driver board VS-TY2662-V1from a defunct PC display (thanks to research from my Dad as to exactly which board it was) so I have VGA, composite (so those Hotel TV's can be used as well!) and HDMI.... The board allows both TTL or LVDS output so you 'can' use many different TFT panels as long as they have one or other of them... still trying to find a decent data sheet, and list of panels it works with,  I tried (for fun) with my junked laptop which I ripped the screen out of it is some 16:9 1366 x 768 resolution, and it will drive that as well. There are a few other connections on the board but not worked out what they are yet or what they do.

The display driver looks very close to this one which seems to do the same thing.

The numbers mean on the image (comparing to mine as well)

1. 12V display (will actually work 5v to 15v)
3. VGA
4. Composite output (normal TV... seems to work about channel 36)
5. ??
6. Mine has a ribbon to a series of buttons
7. TFT ribbon connection
8. TFT connection
9. No idea!
10. No idea!

The  touchscreen used with the TFT is a separate USB powered 'thing' from Alibaba.

The 7" displays  and touch screens I think were possibly for use in GPS or tablets and the recent explosion in their availability and use has seen prices of some models tumble sharply.

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