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Friday 1 April 2016

Don't mount your antenna pole on single skin wall of bricks put up with lime mortar!

Mentioning gable end antenna mounting.

Got to laugh... neighbour, who rents his house put up a TV pole with not one but three separate Digital TV antennas on it...didn't ask permission either it seems. He took the H&K bracket off the main house wall (I have no idea how!) where it was fine, moved it to the gable end of the old downstairs toilet. Every house on street uses the house wall but he knew better obviously and that also meant he could do it with a low ladder.

Up come the high winds... he discovered why everyone was telling him it is a really bad idea to put it there, it is lime mortar single skin brick so it will not hold a loaded 20ft pole in high winds in a million years. Needless to say the obvious happened... few days after the w/e high winds but was only a matter of time it seems ... timber.... over it goes, pulling the roof with it.

Rats was too slow with the camera this morning (I was laughing too hard to be honest). Emergency roofer has covered the collapsed wall and caved in roof with a sheet. Spoke to a roofing guy, who honestly was laughing too said some tiles went through the ceiling and trashed the bathroom below too! I guess that is his security deposit gone then!

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Antenna Mount said...

Mentioning gable end antenna mounting. Got to laugh...