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Saturday, 25 July 2015

Getting to FLAKSKAER EU138

As will probably get asked at some point.... photos taken enroute

The boat almost got caught by the ferry wires!

Means if it sinks you drown or something like that :-)

Mines the white Hertz thing AU18029

Last driveable island.

The car ferry.

Turning for the army base where the quay is. Note the large coils of wire they are burying all the overhead power lines on this island at the moment.

It is safe honest!

The qrp DXpedition pile. LArge flat box is the solar panel brought from UK. The Yagi is for 6m, have a 2el quad from M1BXF too.

The 'support' pile.

Boat trip across to the island

Note the no U boat parking sign!


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