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Sunday, 19 July 2015

VE7FMN heatsink on KX3 #2334

Fred sent me one of these a while back but I didn't manage to fit it to KX3 before C5 trip (then XYL tidied the workshop and the package evaporated until last week when it was discovered again). Anyway just about to go to Sweden and will operate as SD7B from Flaskaer EU-138 and some operating outside the contest on 60m and 6m the later using Gavin M1BXF portable quad. The heatsink should operate fine and I'll have a second KX3 with me #1082 at the same time so will do some side by side comparisons.

Hope to manage QSO and will feed back findings here.

Take a look at and

1 comment:

DaveL said...

Never let the XYL "tidy up" your workshop!