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Sunday, 26 July 2015

Vertical dipole coax

Posted here as might help others...

better picture of support

On 26/07/2015 20:36, Dominic Baines wrote:

At a pie and pint someone asked me how do I place the feeder when using vertical dipole by the sea, best coming directly out from centre for > 1/4 wavelength (found that out trial and error) rather than dropping to ground anyway a photo says it all. Stand at the vertical base and you are in marsh, actually 6" of stinky salt water but what a place for an antenna! Looking due west.

That isn't a balun in the middle... I took the SHORT coax version (doh!) so that is a join with another length (yes you carry a few spares) ... at HF doesn't make any difference.

The coax is held in place and then tensioned with a prussic loop tied in this case to the shack (literally). Note THAT tie must be breakable/flex in wind and you will need to have some loose coax other side or if antenna goes over it may drag rig with it.



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