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Thursday, 14 May 2015

Workshop almost clear of the old builders rubbish.

Now got to clean all the surfaces and rehome the bikes (new shed needed) and get rid of some last bits and the workshop is back to original use again.

Lots of wood offcuts and old carpet roll and underlay too. The old garage door will have a stud wall built over it and a new table/desk will go infront as wife's craft room comes out here too. (AND not going to be used for building bits storage again!)

Located the boxes of the cobweb and other antennas so they will go up/out when finished as well.

Nice 2m length of network cabinet tray as well.... maybe that could be cut into pieces and used as the cover over PSU and dummy loads.

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M1KTA said...

Asked what the while tape was all about on the poles... those are the locations for the VDA wires when poles are h=mounted on the 10m or 12m poles I have on the corner of the room.