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Thursday, 14 May 2015

RSGB IOTA 2015 EU138 Flakskär

I will be on Flakskär  24-25-26 July. Locator JO76ub

It is an island (what else?) in group EU-138 (so not hyper rare) and I have short call SD7B.

Flakskär  has no water or power so I'll be taking everything with me. I have a 100W solar panel setup I would like to use so I will probably be driving from UK, with it plus all the radio kit about 900 miles going via tunnel but might fly, yet to be determined.

See here for what the island is like (in swedish but lots of photos)

Yes I have asked for 5MHz, expect will have 6m and there will be a qrss/wspr beacon too.
I've also got the workshop back (yipee!).... however, lots of cleaning up to do as I have plaster and brick dust on everything. All components and builds were safely away but all the surfaces have a coating. Once that is done I'll be building again (someone else's K2 to finish first).

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