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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Old valve bases

I recently asked on GQRP if anyone had some old (1920/1930) 4pin or 5 pin valve bases.... I was asked why...

I am building a 1929 replica TNT TX but will be shunt fed for safety so will not have 500V on the coils so not quite 1920 style :-)

The tubes are early triodes type 10, 27 or 45 the 1st and last are 4 pin the 27 is 5 pin. The full numbers should be UX-210, UY-227, UX-245 the sockets I think were known later as UX4, UX5... the 'correct ones' I need (saw them at Dayton 2008 in flea market for 25 cents and  I could kick myself now for not buying them) are about 1 1/2" square base with a black central cylinder that the valve plugs into.

Finding a tube let along a working one from 1920's is hard enough, and I have someone from US that has found some of each for me... old globe style not shoulder ST so it should have the vintage feel :-) I have some '27 arriving soon.

I have the sprague lozenge capacitors, 1/4" copper tube, resistors (fabricated something) and the variable capacitors (I think they might be WWII  vintage so a bit new but they are the right sort hihi)... but cannot seem to locate the valve bases or a couple of beehive insulators for the coils so I will fabricate some from a block of PTFE and paint brown until I can find originals.

I even have some vintage 1920's style QSL cards using the same orange/red, card stock.


Even though I have a modern call they 'look' like from an old experimental station. Power should be c2W so perfect for qrp and perhaps GQRP winter sports or one of Colin's G3VTT valve days.

The power supply will be a simply transformer with another type 27 valve used in it.

Makes a change from all the silicon stuff in the shack and workshop.

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