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Friday 8 February 2013


Not remotely rare as there are loads of CT on the bands.... I will be qrv from CT as CT7/M1KTA/P next week 10th to 16th. Looks like Colin (G8TMV) will be there same week 30 miles west of me.

Rig will be KX3, qrp from the beach but should be up and running 160-6m (no 5MHz!) although expect 20m and 15m SSB mostly.

The KX3 has the new software so will be trying out the Voice Keyer on SSB.

Look for me about qrp freq or ??8 (e.g. 14.188, 14.288, 18.068, 21.288) on SSB and 15 (14.015, 7.015) on CW. I tend to stear clear of qrp freq if looks like there are lots of callers.

If can operate from villa will try data modes.

ZB2 licence for 6m is in progress but not sure will come back in time (no HF possible anyway) for a day trip.

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