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Sunday, 3 February 2013

My long wire

I was asked could I put up some technical analysis of the long wire...

Here is the plot between 1MHz and 2MHz.

It is a little low and not resonant on 160m

Here is is after the Z11ProII tuner.

As you can see much better.

The 140ft ong wire is fed against a bunch of radials and a fairly decent RF earth but no tuned radials.

Videos of the antenna.


Pedroski said...

Thanks for the info Dom. Just roughly, what sort of length radials/counterpoise wires are you using? It's absolutely chucking down with rain here and it's ruined my plan to get up on the Downs today, but I have metres and metres of wire ready for during the week. I may just throw out as much as reasonably practicable!

Pete M3KXZ
GQRP 11767
SKCC 10219

M1KTA said...

I had >2/3 of a 100m reel of mains cable 2.5mm. I stripped out the three wires and buried them all... so in all about 250m of 3.5mm wire :-)
I laid it over as much of the bottom of the garden as possible, some in zig zag fashion as I have a 'normal' HF vertical there Radials will all be in just the one quadrant though.... is assume shack is SW corner (it is anyway) radials only between North and East which happens to be below the long wire too.