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Sunday 3 February 2013

PTO update - From F8DYR

F8DYR updated me that he had also worked on a PTO and used an interesting assembly.

 "I saw on your blog that 3 years ago, you worked on a PTO oscillator. I worked too on this PTO (Same design) and found a useful mecanism to operate it, discarded from an old AM/FM car radio."


GB Hoyt said...

For some reason, the picture doesn't load right. (CSS issue?) so, I can't really read it. What's the source article? Looks cool, and seeing as how my Swan 100MX runs a 5MHz PTO, it's interesting to me from a technical aspect too.

M1KTA said...

The image will look truncated on the right hand side... as I included it original size. So right click on the images (two and each is an A4 page) open in new tab or save locally and then enlarge. The text is French and it is directly from F8DYR. He pointed out that he had used the mechanism from a 70's transistor car radio as the PTO mechanics and then built his PTO about that.

blogspot doesn't allow you to attach pdf etc to any post so that was all I could do :-)



Anonymous said...

To KG4GVL : I can forward you the paper, with some translation in english > f8dyr(at)


Jean-Loup, F8DYR