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Tuesday 16 October 2012

KX3 Headset

Asked over and over what am I using...

Logitech  PC Headset 860
P/N 981-000094

This has a small boom mic and the leads are mic 3.5mm and audio 3.5mm The headset has an inline volume control and a mic mute. The mic is noise cancelling too!

The cost was £6.80 from ebay including P&P :-)

Did a search and there are similar headset on ebay

Now I didn't want something that looked like a 'tank commander' / ear defender type over the ears and wanted something light weight and fitting for use.

The lead is plenty long enough.

I carry one for use with the PC (older P/N 881-000033 no noise cancelling mic) for skype and I found on 6W or KH8 easiest way to let someone hear what I was up to is connect a Y adapter and the second headset and let them listen themselves.

A LOT cheaper than the Heil one that can be bought and whilst not in the same category I found perfectly usable.


Unknown said...

can you use VOX weith this headset?

Unknown said...

Can you use VOX?

M1KTA said...