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Friday 12 October 2012

KH8 permissions

Came from the Sa'ilele talking village chief who is second to ...

The actual village chief... in case you don't recognise him...(T.T.A. Tulafono) he is American Samoa's Governor has been for last 16 years and is about to stand down in November. He is also the president of the local Rugby Union and sepnt some of the flight talking about the chances at the upcoming Oceanic championships, there was a kiwi coach on same flight.

I sat next to him on flight back to Hawaii I think he arranged that as my ticket should not have warranted the seat and wanted to understand more about radio as he had met a couple Swains Guys but was not really sure what they were up to and his family had briefed him on what I was doing. I had spent some time taking to the kids after I set up the first night and showed them the world map (on the PC) with the sun/grey line and where the stations I could hear were from.

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