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Sunday 7 October 2012

Just worked through the night here in kh8, so UK day time

Total qso count 60 for the night pretty poor really, mostly JA's!

It rained hard for maybe 2 hours but the bands seem almost dead, 15m seems to be only one with any stations on it I can hear. Tweaked everything and still no joy. I have a couple UK stations in log so I know I am getting back to UK and some emails saying that when I was c50W report should be 539 but I really am not hearing anyone...

I have some strange log anomalies too. One F station 4 el at 100ft and 1KW, and a GM 10W and a dipole, whereas I have a reported 3el 400W in UK said I was very strong but I hear nothing! No I do not have the attenuators on I checked!

I have recorded all my on air time and I have ll the pre amps on and the filters wide open but I cannot hear anything and if you cannot hear them you cannot work them ;-)

The KX3 RX has proven itself to be pretty good so cannot be that. I will put it down to Long Path problems maybe?

It is Sunday day time here now... Parks service are shut until Monday (were not open as hoped on 6th) so I will visit them in Morning (8th) about going to North Shore, will need to find a portable power source though  unless go qrp and on KX3 batteries only. I have a garage prepared to lend me a fully charged car battery but that is a lot to carry.

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Pedroski said...

Hey Dom, don't go permanently to north shore! Need you on south to be in with any chance so make sure you come back :)
Pete M3KXZ