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Friday 2 April 2010

Soldering Si570 to softrock boards

I took this to explain how to solder the Si570 chip in place.

The 8 pins 6 are large 2 are tiny.

The tiny pads getting these wrong causes about 99.99% of the problems with the Si570 not working as expected.


Unknown said...

Thanks! Now a Dumb question, I then just solder the other pads from the sides of each pad? Sorry, never done SMD before so I'd rather ask a dumb question and get it right when I do it :-)

M1KTA said...


Basically place/position chip solder first pad, makes sure lined up and then solder the rest.

Don't flood solder otherwise the solder can cause bridges under the Si570.

Be patient and take your time to practice the soldering, you do not want to have the hot iron on the pad for a long long time.

Process is add iron to pad, then add solder and remove the iron and solder. Practice how long YOU need to warm an SMD pad up and add solder first on say a 0805 C or R isolated pad first. Basically like tinning a pad. You'll get a feel for how long it takes and how much solder needed rapidly.

The Si570 can take a bit of heat abuse it isn't like a plastic IC. But don't take more than a couple seconds on each pad and if looks like it is getting hot WAIT and let it cool down.

I have never lost an Si570 due to excess heat if that helps any.

The iron tip should be earthed and work on a grounded or anti static surface. What is the phrase... use ESD precautions.