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Wednesday 23 March 2016


Well that was me at the mike this afternoon. Tnx all for fb qso, 20m and 15m first then 17m and in there somewhere I was spotted :-)

Most recent DXSpots of GB2IWM:
SpotterDate & Time UTCFrequencyBandComment
W8DWC2016-03-23 15:1518136.017MCalling CQ
VA3YAE2016-03-23 15:0418100.017M
YO3AIS2016-03-23 15:0018136.017M100,w Tom Anglia
N8AE2016-03-23 14:4918136.017M
K5KEN2016-03-23 14:2818135.917MDuxford Radio Society - Imperi
YO6DDF2016-03-23 14:2318135.717MCQ..CQ..Sorry deep QSB Tks QSO
N2WLS2016-03-23 14:2018136.017M

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