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Wednesday 30 March 2016

Austin Texas QRP Group VIA or Vector Impedance Analyzer

The internet is brilliant if you want to have a go at building along with others even a couple thousand miles away. So having already had fun with the SDR2GO and the STM32SDR and softrocks I decided to have a go at the Vector Impedance Analyzer (VIA) which uses one of the STM32 development boards, a TFT touch display and some controllers.

I have just finished populating the VIA PCB and adding the headers for the 3 board 'stack' of the TFT, VIA PCB and STM32 dev board. Got to add some headers for the rotary controllers and then will box it all up.

I will probably use a dicast box but might make one from FR4.

Hope to get this done by the next Camb-Hams pye and pint in the White Horse, Barton next Wednesday 6th April.

My build photos (no particular order)

 Board with the difficult CODEC and other SMT already attached.

Populated board with L, R & C

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