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Tuesday 13 January 2015

M1KTA DX kit expands... for those locations without power.

Just took delivery of a couple of poly crystalline solar panels in a folding configuration.

Nice simple packaging, survived the transit from Hong Kong.

So what is inside...

Nice carry handle and clips to stop it opening up.

Dimensions... 33.5" x 21.5" x c3"

handy fold out legs (I'll probably add extenders so will work in most latitudes, not just near equator as best with sun at 90 degrees to the panel

Integrated solar charging regulator and power leads with croc clips able to handle lot more power than these panels will provide.

Each is capable (two of them) of producing >3.3A at 18V (60W)... I will test these float charging a beefy SLA or car battery. I will need 12V or 13.8V only.

There is 'space' inside the two panels (they close up for carrying bit like a picnic table) so you ould almost place batteries inside for carrying etc... the weight is 14.6KG in the cardboard wrapper... I expect I'll make up a couple of ali covers for the outside so they get a bit of protection in transit but they just came from Hong Kong in that box without issue!

I was going for an RF budget of 5amps total and couple to run a laptop.... for a DX trip.

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