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Thursday, 15 January 2015

VQ9 DX trip by M1KTA.... no chance.

Reminded of the school report from my second year in Geography when it was suggested that sometimes I really need to focus on the topic and must try harder..

I have tried and tried over a couple of years almost every way I can think of to try and get out to VQ9 to operate, as it is technically a British territory and part of the Commonwealth you'd think it would be possible...but got nowhere.

Finally had the response...

", it is not possible for private individuals to visit Diego Garcia.  There are no exceptions to these restrictions, it is not simply a matter of security clearance."

Unless you are a contractor to the USAF and a US citizen it doesn't seem to be possible. Most odd as the place is British and the US are a guest :-)

Perhaps when/if the US lease runs out it might be possible?

Ho hum.... add it to the list of DXCC that I must try harder to get to one day.

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