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Thursday, 8 January 2015

When trying to plan that next DX trip sometimes it gets a bit too much...

I just spent hours working out logistics with a couple of airlines so I could fly with kit.... then I get told I have to visit the DXCC FIRST to get the licence BEFORE I can enter with any radio kit, but if I LEAVE the country then I have to RENEW the licence application all over again as it becomes INVALID on exit. So how do I get the radio in?

On this same trip it is a multi hop from UK and I have to travel through another country before I get to the final location... they want me to surrender my original licence (think they base their system on some reciprocal US FCC licence process) still got to figure out how a UK PDF works and I will then get a temporary licence card in return. But I am reminded I cannot fly in with the radio in the luggage without a licence first. And they will only exchange the licences in person. All this so I can transit with the radio kit in the luggage to the next place, of course no intention of trying to operate in that country!

If I send the kit 'cargo' to the first county I could recover it once I have the temporary licence but only AFTER 72 hours wait for customs to have time to 'inspect' it. That is one heck of a long time to look at a radio!

On the good side this looks like this is also how to get the radio kit into the final location too.

Needless to say the 'cargo' is not on the same flight or day even but "at some point in the same month"!

I cannot wait for the workshop to be warm again so can go back to building stuff and finishing off a K2 I have taken far too long on it all seems so much simpler.

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