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Wednesday 27 February 2013

CT7/M1KTA diary so far


Ilha Deserta
Island south of Faro

IZ8TDP 15:25 SSB RX 57 TX 59 21.262
W9FFA 15:29 SSB RX 53 TX 59 21.260 Bill QSO??
4U1GSC 15:37 SSB RX 57 TX 59 21.252
G4NVY 15:56 SSB RX 51-57 Deep QSB TX 59 18.142 Mike 110W Gloucester, amazed by QRP signal
kept cq cq cq batteries low... dropped to 3W from 5W
G1UKZ 16:10 RX 21-53 Deep SLOW QSB TX 59 Phil 100W Manchester TS850 Loop antenna, also amazed by qsp qso.

Missed OX3MC, M1AQD, 7X5JF all 14.260-14.263...

batteries died. QRT 16:25


Ricardo - CT2GQV said...

I still trye'd to copy you in one of the days but my schedule didn't matched yours.
Hope you had fun on a beach just for yourself!

M1KTA said...

Beaches were empty!