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Saturday 2 February 2013

CQWW-160 CW QRP entry

I will come suitably low on the list.

Congrats VE3MGY (for now he is highest qrp op) almost 40 times my score :-)


Pedroski said...

Dom, I've just been reading VE3MGY's page. He's certainly been working hard at top band QRP for a long time! Very interesting reading, and a good article at the end of the page as well.
Pete M3KXZ
GQRP 11767
SKCC 10219

M1KTA said...


My long wire is 140ft (maybe too long), abt 20ft up 120ft long and 20ft up at end. Fed against a lot of radials.

In his article he uses an inverted L 55ft up, 80ft along dropping to 30ft agl fed aganist radials.


Pedroski said...

I think he's also got a full size dipole for 160m, set up as inverted V. Did you notice how many thousand of metres of wire he's got up over his plot? Amazing.


M1KTA said...

Yes... if you have the time and space then it is amazing what you can do.

I have seen one 160m installation (in UK) where some raised radials are actually galvanized barbed wire not copper.

I was thinking at one point asking the land over to rear of garden if he might let me put up something there, and I'd buy a load of Ali wire.... but he had metal thieves in and they stole a load of stuff so I thought not worth it.